Fatigue Management Project

CLIENT: G and S Engineering Services

INDUSTRY:  Construction & Maintenance

DURATION: Jan 2020 - Current

WORKFORCE:  1000 people



To support the review of the projects Fatigue Risk Management Plan and implement FatigueTech to monitor workforce fatigue risk.



Ethos Health reviewed the Hay Point projects fatigue risk assessment against work related fatigue hazards, analysis of risk, identification of current mitigation strategies, development of recommendations for additional controls and the development of a risk treatment plan.

Ethos Health provided Fatigue Supervisor Training and supplied the FatigueTech App to support the implementation of the Hay Point FRMS.

Hay Point Coal Terminal 

Operationalise your Fatigue Risk Management System

Assess, monitor and control fatigue risk by using FatigueTech

working hour FatigueTech 2.0_med res v2