Helping People Manage Fatigue

FatigueTech Personal is an online platform that supports  individuals working in high fatigue risk work environments by providing a hierarchy of interventions, from the least intensive (resource library, personal fatigue assessment) to the most intensive (care coordination and referral for those with higher needs to specialist care).

Knowledge Centre

A library of resources and FAQs to help answer any fatigue questions, as well as, the option to ask an expert a questions.

Fatigue Assessments

Complete the individual fatigue risk questionnaires and be guided to targeted information relating to your risks.


Identify and manage work and non-work related fatigue risk with the help of health professionals specialising in fatigue.

Stepped Care Model

FatigueTech (Personal Support) is underpinned by a stepped care model (figure below) which is a staged approach to the delivery of services, comprising a hierarchy of interventions, from the least intensive (Knowledge Centre) to the most intensive (health professional support and referral specialist care). It is about ensuring that people can access the most appropriate services for their needs at any time, including the ability to step up and step down to different levels of care to match their needs.

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FatigueTech provides a comprehensive library of evidence-based information to understand the symptoms, causes, and strategies to manage fatigue and its related consequences.


Knowledge needs to be applied as a skill to have an effect. Like most things in life, practice makes perfect and managing fatigue is no exception. Managing fatigue is a skill; just like learning to surf, play the guitar or juggle. 



FatigueTech provides a range of digital and professional resources to ensure people have the support they need to apply the skills to manage their fatigue risks.

Equip yourself

Assess, learn and engage in fatigue prevention strategies but starting a course

Why Choose Us?

FatigueTech is a digital platform that makes it easy to meet health and safety obligations and support workers with the necessary knowledge, skills and resources to:

  1. Manage Personal Risk Factors;

  2. Implement Workplace Fatigue Mitigation Strategies; and

  3. Training the workforce to competency level with regard to fatigue risk factors.

Best Practice

FatigueTech combines people, systems and technology to ensure people have the right care, at the right time, in the right place. 

Privacy, Confidentiality & Security

We have robust privacy, confidentiality and security processes in place to ensure your personal information remains safe.

Validated Tools

The FatgiueTech system uses evidence-based and validated tools to provide an accurate assessment of personal fatigue risks. 

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