Journey Management Planning

Understand your journey risk factors that impacts an individuals ability to manage personal fatigue. 

Journey Management Planning

The electronic Journey Management Plan (eJMP) take 5 minutes to complete and is a documented process for planning and undertaking road transport journeys with the ultimate goal of arriving safely. The eJMP enables the user to systematically identify fatigue-related hazards and select controls to manage the risk of a fatigue-related incident.

What hazards are measured?


Time of Day 




Fit For Purpose

Safety Systems


General Health

Journey Management Plan Report

Journey Management Plan Report

1. Outlines the risk of fatigue when work hours are combined with commuting to and from work.

2. Identifies potential hazards that increase the risk of fatigue whilst travelling.

3. Establish controls to manage the identified hazards.

4. Provide a process for applying controls to your travel to and from work to reduce the risk of a fatigue-related accident.

On completion a copy of the report will be emailed to the worker and a copy will be accessible to a company representative to ensure compliance with workplace policy and procedures.

Journey Management Report v2



Understand your personal risk factor the influence your ability to manage fatigue

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