Fatigue Train The Trainer 

Fatigue Train-the-Trainer workshops provide the knowledge, skills and resources required to train the workforce on the implementation of fatigue management strategies in a defined workplace in accordance with national and state/territory legislation and relevant regulations. 

Train The Trainer provides;

  • Scaleable training methodology
  • Evidence Based resources for trainers
  • Reduced production impact
  • Optimise internal training resources

Who should attend?

Trainers and Assessors, WHS personnel, Onsite Health personnel or leaders


2 days 

Participant numbers

Recommended : 0 - 6 max

Delivery method

Virtual training

Learning objectives & content

Trainers will finish the course with competency in the following areas

  • Identify and act on signs of fatigue
  • Implement strategies to minimise fatigue
  • Monitor the implementation of fatigue management strategies
  • Recognise breaches of fatigue management policies, procedures and regulations
  • Develop and assess staff competence in fatigue management
  • Provide feedback to staff on shortcomings in fatigue management skills and knowledge
  • Report on the implementation of fatigue management policy
  • Prepare, deliver and review a presentation

Prerequisites & Entry Requirements

There are no prerequisites for this course. Certificate IV in Training and Assessment is desirable.

Learning resources 

Booklet packs are an optional add on to the training. The booklet packs provide learners with additional information that includes;

  1. Introductory Guide
  2. Sleep
  3. Nutrition
  4. Physical Activity
  5. Mental Health

Benefits of Train The Trainer 


It is estimated that the Fatigue First Aid TTT model is half the price of having an external provider deliver the same program. This is before the additional benefits identified below. 


The course material has been designed so that it can be contextualised to the needs of your site and delivered directly to your workforce, saving significant research and development time. 

Optimise internal training resources

Competency level Fatigue Risk Management training will be added to the portfolio of training capabilities of your Trainers and Assessors.

Reduced production impact 

The availability of competent internal fatigue trainers provides the opportunity to be more flexible and schedule training to minimise production impact (e.g. during downtime in wet weather). 

Operationalise your Fatigue Risk Management System

Assess, monitor and control fatigue risk by using FatigueTech

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