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Training the workforce to competency level with regard to fatigue risk factors

Research Based

Developed by fatigue management specialists that harnesses fatigue research to provide you informative and research based content.

Industry Specific

With extensive experience across multiple industries FatigueTech provides specific industry examples and activities for workers to learn from

Holistic Approach

FatigueTech Training provided workers with an holistic approach to fatigue management (i.e legal, workplace, cultural and lifestyle factors)

FatigueTech Training has a variety of modules covering a Fatigue Risk Management System that enables personnel to be trained to basic skill levels to enable them to preventatively respond to avoid a fatigue-related incident.


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A system designed to support all levels of your business manage fatigue

Why use FatigueTech Training?

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All training modules are mapped against units of competency, legislative guidelines, codes of practice and/or industry guidelines.


Get the right training, at the right time, in the right place.


Meet compliance requirements with standardised training modules and automated assessment and monitoring.


Streamline training to competency levels and minimise operational impact.