Automating Fatigue Risk Management

FatigueTech is the easiest way to implement, monitor and manage a workplace fatigue risk management system.

FatigueTech - Personal Risk v2

Assess individual fatigue risk factors and provide targeted interventions.

FatigueTech - Workplace App v2

Technology to implement and monitor workplace fatigue.

FatigueTech - Training v2

Industry specific training addressing multiple fatigue risk factors.

The Problem

Fatigue presents both a safety and health risk to a workplace, its workers and others. Fatigue can be caused by a number of inter-related workplace and/or personal risk factors.

High risk workplaces will often have factors that include, but are not limited to, shift work, extended work hours, limited breaks, job demands or adverse environmental condition that often need to be considered when managing workforce fatigue. Under legislation, workplaces are required to eliminate or, where elimination is not possible, minimise the risks identified in their work activities.

However, controlling workplace risk is not the only solution because the workplace cannot control what workers do when they are not at work. Thus, workers are often best placed to know whether they are fatigued and play a critical role in managing workplace fatigue.


FatigueTech is a digital platform that makes it easy to meet health and safety obligations and support workers with the necessary knowledge, skills and resources to:

Support the implement and monitoring of Workplace Fatigue Mitigation Strategies.

Engage and support workers to manage Personal Risk Factors.

Streamline workforce fatigue Training.

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Personal Risk Factors

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Workplace Mitigation Strategies

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Training The Workforce

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