Fatigue Supervisior Training 

FatigueTech Supervisor training has been developed to ensure that people in leadership roles can competently exercise due diligence with respect to the management of the risk of fatigue in the workplace. The training focuses on six safety resilience principles ;

  • Top-level commitment: management accept fatigue as a safety issue.
  • Just culture: workers feel comfortable reporting fatigue to their supervisors.
  • Learning culture: workers feel the discussion about fatigue is kept alive in the company.
  • Awareness: workers know the major fatigue concerns within their company and outside of their workgroups.
  • Preparedness: workers think ahead of upcoming problems regarding fatigue - task planning/design or control plans.
  • Flexibility: the organisation has resources available to cope with sudden problems with fatigue.

Who should attend?

Manager, Supervisors, WHS personnel, Schedulers or Dispatch


4 hours
(including breaks and questions)

Participant numbers

Recommended : 0 - 8 max

Delivery method

Virtual training

Learning objectives & content

Trainers will finish the course with competency in the following areas

  • Engage FatigueTech users in fatigue prevention and management
  • Monitor the implementation of FatigueTech and management strategies
  • Applying FatigueTech rostering tool and ensure schedules are in line with current policy and procedure
  • Recognising breaches of fatigue management policies, procedures and regulations when using FatigueTech.
  • Developing and assessing staff competence when using FatigueTech
  • Providing feedback to staff on shortcomings in fatigue management skills and knowledge
  • Reporting on the implementation of FatigueTech


Fatigue Supervisor Training has been mapped against TLIF 3063 to ensure a high level of training can be delivered and assessed. All participants will receive a certificate of completion.

Prerequisites & Entry Requirements

It is desirable to have completed Ethos Health Fatigue Awareness course for comprehensive background information


  • Mining
  • Rail
  • Utilities
  • Transport and logistics
  • Emergency services
  • Construction

Operationalise your Fatigue Risk Management System

Assess, monitor and control fatigue risk by using FatigueTech

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